Ely Ice 12/13/15

  • Ben Putnam
    Saint Paul, MN
    Posts: 993

    Got to fish with good friends this weekend and hit a couple of the lakes in the area. We found 5″ – 5.5″ of ice on a few lakes. Fishing was still slow yesterday, but with a few inches of snow on top today we got into much better action! There are still many unsafe lakes in the area and some of the safe ones have pockets of thin ice. Please exercise caution and play it safe!

    1. image30.jpeg

    2. image29.jpeg

    3. image28.jpeg

    4. image27.jpeg

    Kent thompson
    Foreston mn
    Posts: 328

    Looks like a lot of fun Ben! thanks for the update, looks like finally after Wednesday we have a better looking forcast!

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