ecomap 122sv ultra vs gps map 8612

  • Patrick Filipek
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    For the people that have had both is the extra 1000$ worth it for the gps map vs echomap? Also can you network an echomap and a gpsmap together? Currently i have a echomap 102sv and i am looking to upgrade an older lowrance next year so i am starting to do my research.


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    I can’t comment if it is worth the extra money. I have only GPSMAP units. I do know that those two units will not link together. I once bought an echomap and tried to network them and I got an error message, although the echomap did receive the waypoints after I unplugged the network from it. I ended up selling the echomap and bought another gpsmap unit so I could network them together.

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    Screen resolution and HDMI output are the biggest selling factors for the GPSMAP over other units… if you have no need for the HDMI port, I don’t think the resolution is $1,000 better than an Ultra…imo

    I think Garmin will be coming out with a new Ultra replacement in July at iCast, it will likely duplicate the smaller footprint and wireless networking seen in the updated 9UHD model…something to think about…

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