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duplicate topic and search issues

  • carver
    West Metro
    Posts: 547

    So I wanted to post something. however needed to specify a target forum which I forgot so it errored out. So I select the forum and then resubmit which then it tells me that there is a duplicate topic out there which I cannot find to save my life. tried changing the title as well as adding a little more to the body and get the same thing.

    Also trying to search for a topic and could only search in the community??? as no forum posts showed up in the search. not sure what Im doing wrong here.

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58757

    Whatcha looking for?

    West Metro
    Posts: 547

    finally got my questions to post…after I retyped it.

    Dave Lozier
    Scandinavia, WI
    Posts: 825

    I’ll have to give this one some thought – the duplicate check was updated so it is done against memcache rather than looking up the post in the database. (with a query that will never use an index)

    Right now the cached post is stored for an hour but I don’t think anyone would want to wait an hour before trying again.

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