Diamond Edge 320

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    My son wants a bow and I’m thinking about getting him this bow. He’s right handed but left eye dominant, so he’s going to shoot left handed. Anybody have any experience with this bow? Good, bad other? Anybody right handed that shoots a bow left handed?

    Over there
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    Not the same bow but I just bought the Infinite 305 for my daughter. Similar adjustability and scenario for the bows. She shoots it great, still getting used to it but overall it’s great for her and can be adjusted as she grows for draw length and poundage.

    Regarding the left/right eye scenario – my wife is left eye dominant but right handed. We decided to go with a left handed bow for her after having her shoot both. It’s taking her a little more getting used to in shooting and accuracy since it’s kind of backwards from what she’s used to/expecting. I’m also left eye dominant but have spent so many hours shooting right eye that it’s not an issue for me, just mental training/blocking that eye from seeing to get used to it.

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    Thanks realtree. That’s what I like about this bow, it looks like the weight is pretty easily adjusted. We’re going to go in and get it set up for him and start at a lighter weight until he gets used to shooting it left handed, then once he starts getting the hang of it we’ll start adjusting the weight up. He shoots shotgun left handed, so hopefully it won’t be too much of an adjustment.

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