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Devils Lake freelance trip?

  • Jason
    Posts: 448

    Making a trip up there next week for spring break…
    Never been there so I’m wondering what to expect. Will be bringing all of our own gear with a tracked sxs and staying in town.
    Anyone want to share some info about the lake to get me prepared?

    Bismarck, ND
    Posts: 358

    It’s been a while since I’ve been up there. This time of year, I would set up over a historic shoreline (check out google earth’s past satellite images to get an idea of where the shoreline was approx. 20 yrs ago) early in the morning for walleyes. Perch are roaming in the basins now (35+ FOW), so you will have to search for them.
    Rattle spoons with minnow heads, gold, UV pink, red work well. Tungsten jigs with waxies or spikes will work well for the perch.

    Posts: 242

    I know this gets thrown around a lot but one of the best things I did on that lake was hire a quality guide that shared spots and what to look for on that lake. Very different from any body of water I grew up fishing in MN.

    I was up there recently and had success for walleyes at a shallow inside turn on an old shoreline.

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