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Devils Lake

  • mxskeeter
    SW Wisconsin
    Posts: 3516

    Headed to Devils Lake next week. Anyone got a report? Water temp? Water level?
    Any area or depth better than ???


    Karry Kyllo
    Posts: 811

    The fishing is starting to pick up as the temps increase. On Monday I saw a little over 61 degrees in one area but with the hot weather this week, temps should be increasing quickly. We caught them pulling cranks in 20-25 ft. and did well and I know that alot of anglers are pitching plastics and cranks shallow and many are using bobbers.
    The water level has definitely gone down but other than a few more stumps sticking up, it really doesn’t affect anything. There’s alot of water. The population of freshwater shrimp appears to be exploding and several of the walleyes we caught were stuffed with them but they still bit our cranks.

    SW Wisconsin
    Posts: 3516

    Thanks KK! Were you using leadcore?

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