Late Ice

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    Was able to get out for one last outing this weekend in the Detroit Lakes area. Fished Rush and did real good on the crappies, with a few nice sunfish in there as well. Went out of the Northeast access, and had to use waders to get on the ice. The key was lots of holes, and jumping around a lot. Considering that bay is fairly shallow all the way through we never used the vexilars. White puddle jumpers were the key. We all sight fished, and if you didn’t have a fish on in 30 seconds or didn’t see one, on to the next hole. Let me tell you some of those crappies came screaming in a million miles an hour. Kinda scared a person at times. Fish were high in the water column, with most being caught a foot below the ice. One intersting thing seemed to be that when jigged about six inches under, there was a definate reflection on the bottom of the ice that seemed to attract more fish. Kinda interesting. Sorry the camera wasn’t working so no pics this trip. As for now the ice gear is put away. Nothing like fishing in short sleeves.

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