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Big Pine lake – Perham

  • sipple31
    West-Central WI
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    Anyone on here fished it for ‘eyes recently? Headed up there for a week starting July 6th. The local bait shop is tight lipped. Just wanting a starting point!


    Bayport/St. Croix/Otsego/Grand Rapids
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    HI GUYS!
    Perhaps some of you dudes going Up North can help us because we are also headed there for the holiday.

    It will be our first time at Lake Hyjakthewebcite and we would like all the bait shops, resorts and guides there to tell us where to fish and what brands of motors, boat, bait, tackle, clothing, sunglasses, skeeter dope and other stuff we will need to buy/rent.

    Since the price of corn is still way up there down here, we will spare no expense to fill our coolers with Bragging Size Trophies to share with all the neighbors and relatives back home.

    What kind of beer do you recommend for this lake? We don’t get fishing much so we’ll need to know about all the hotspots Up There. (The nightlife we’re pretty sure we can find on our own!)

    Any local churches offer a drive-thru Sunday service where we can mebbe get some fresh coffee and cookies while we exercise the dogs and let them blow off some steam chasing frisbees? Would prefer a service that doesn’t have a lot of kids running around, sullen teenagers or repetitive hymns. We will need a church bulletin to prove we been there. We have some old cans of food left over from deer hunting so one of those places that accept food shelf donations would be cool!

    Oh, very important…the wife is forcing us to drag the goofy brother-in-law along for his birthday. Any building maintenance guys in your area moonlight as weekend fish guides to take him off our hands for a coupla days? Doesn’t really matter if they don’t know much about fishing just so it’s cheap!

    Speakin of which, we would also like any LINKS you can provide to tell us where the CHEAP GAS is. And we would prefer to get our food from one of the fast chain places that doesn’t hire…ya know…minorities…or old people.

    Going to try to do this trip right for a change. The last time the buddies went North together our wives hid our tanning lotion in our tackle boxes so most of us literally got BURNED!

    West-Central WI
    Posts: 29

    pdl: is that a canned ‘copy/paste’ joke for people asking for help? lol

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