Quick, First Ice Report

  • loren_keizer
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    Well, I was finally able to make it out and pull a handful of fish thru the ice. I had been waiting for another good cold snap, as I just wasn’t hearing too much for reports of guys venturing out on the ice in the area.

    The lake I was on had 5-6″ of good, solid, clear ice in the areas that I checked. It was nice to see that the snow missed us as well, as these cold temps should only help with making sufficient ice thru the rest of the week.

    As I said earlier, I was able to pull a handful of fish thru the hole. I was setup on a shoreline break in about 27 fow. Had one walleye worthy of keeping and the rest were released to grow for another year.

    It was nice to get out, drill a few holes, breath in some 2-stroke fumes and set the hook!

    Hoping to get out again on Wednesday, as the temps sound a bit warmer so a guy can maybe hop around a bit.

    Moorhead, MN
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    Thanks for the ice report. If I cannot get my wife to give me the ok to head up to LOW for the weekend I might be giving DL a try one day this weekend.

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