Ist time deer hunter

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    Deer hunting is something that has been on my bucket list for a long time.
    This summer I was diagnosed with cancer. I had surgery to remove the tumor and just spent the last 6 weeks in radiation treaments down a Rochester Mayo. So I am on my way to recovery.
    I got an offer to go deer hunting this year so I am going to take it.
    I spent the night at Cabelas and bought myself a Savage arms Axis 25.06 with a scope. Nothing fancy but it will be mine.
    I bought some ammunition, soft side case and a sling. I will have to make another trip to get some blaze orange gear.

    My question to experience guys what is some other gear that is a must have when you deer hunt?

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    What type of area are you hunting? Are you going to be in a stand, ground blind or still hunting? Binoculars are a good one to add.


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    A few calls are always with me. A grunt call and a can call. Some scent killer is also a must have. Good luck, let us know how you do.

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    I would also advise getting the Can. No skills or technique required.
    I would also make sure you are going to be warm and dry with quality hunting clothing. You can have a very short hunt if you get cold and wet. Nobody has fun hunting like that.
    Good luck to you.

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    Some nice boots
    Sharp knife
    gutting gloves
    fanny pack or small back back for snacks and gear.
    Also a set of scope covers are nice.

    Randy Wieland
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    First and foremost I applaud you for not letting the cancer take your spirit! Best wishes for a long term recovery!

    Comfort! The more comfortable you are, the more enjoyable it is. As mentioned, determine what style of hunting you’ll be doing the most of – long sits in a tree stand, spot stalk,… and dress accordingly.The mosty miserable thing is fighting the damp cold when under-dressed.

    I like a good fanny pack that is adjustable and can easily be worn facing front or back. Very easy/convienent way to carry all the little things. I don’t like fumbling around digging in pockets for stuff.
    I like a good knife that has a very form fitted grip that prevents my wet, cold, slippery hands from sliding onto the blade. Don’t need the Rambo hatchet, a good 2″-3″ is plenty for field dressing a deer.
    A roll of marking ribbon. I hope it lasts a lifetime, but its great to have if you have a poor shot on a deer and need to trail it. I like marking the blood trail so if it becomes faint, its easier to line your self up with the “path” it may have taken.

    Spare detachable magazine!

    1 hour 15 mins to the Pond
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    I’m so happy to hear you are on the way to recovering!! Lots of good suggestions above. Best of luck!!!! I hope you get a deer so we can get a proper avatar for this side.

    Good luck!

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    Good luck on the recovery! Everyone has listed some good stuff, I like a nice warm neck guard, this can be pulled up over your face and ears as well and helps keep your face and neck warm especially in the wind. I’m a wuss when it comes to cold weather, so staying warm in means more hours in the stand. Hand/foot warmers can also help.

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    If you will be in a tree stand a safety harness is a must , most of the other items listed above will be plenty to get you started. You can keep the camera in the truck but make sure you have one available .

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    Zone 256 is where I will be. In a tree stand.

    Thanks guys for all the tips I knew I could count on the IDO Guys!!

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