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Day 2

  • bigpike
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    Managed to get out after work last night. I hugged the shore line and spudded to my destination. I found the ice to be of good quality and 2-3 ” thick. Actually when I did venture away from shorline after my tipups were set I found 3″ of great ice on the lake. The walleye are in typical first ice locations, coming up on the flats to feed. I had 5 flags and two chunky keepers in 2 hours. Getting ready to head back out… is my first fish of the season

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    Minocqua, WI
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    Good Job, BigPike!!! I was going to sneak out and look at ice after the Badger/Marquette game…


    Farmington, Outing
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    Nice job pike!

    Be careful and i’m jealous

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    Thanks guys, the bite was quite slower today. The morning was dead with two flags, no fish. The evening bite gave me 7 flags with 2 pike and 4 walleye. Unfortunately the size of the walleye was considerably smaller than last night. While the area I am fishing has good ice, my buddys who were trying to access there favorite first ice spots reported less than favorable conditions. Bottom line: use your head and dont take unnecessary risks for a couple fillets.

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    Lucky guy.Hoping I can get out next weekend down here in the sw corner.

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