Slow in Prescott 01/02

  • rugs
    Hastings, MN
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    Got out on the ice for the 1st time of the year on Saturday. Walked out from the MN beach to where it drops off. Only had a crappie hand auger so mobility was severly limited. Started off in 21-22′. A couple of groups came through on the Vex a ways off the bottom. No takers.

    Moved out to the end of the drop off in about 30′. Marked lots of suspended fish, but again no takers.

    We were the only people out there. Ice was 9″ in the 1st spot and 10″ further out.

    Need to get the Jiffy running and get back out again. May go up and try Bayport for the 1st time.

    Jami Ritter
    Hastings, MN
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    Thanks for the update, was going to walk and drill/check out there this week.


    Woodbury, Mn
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    I’d like to try that and even upstream a little ways.

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