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    Took the wife out on the Criox on Sunday for a day in the sun and a little fishing action. She has only fished a few times in her life and has been limited to a few small walleye’s and some sunnies.

    We drifted through Kinni, but the current was stoudt! Continued to drift south along the shoreline for a while with nary a bite. Crossed the river over to the sconnie side and stumbled on to a spot right along the shore where I was marking a lot of fish in 25-30 ft. I announced this to Heather and boom she has a fish on. She pulls out a 13+ inch crappie! She was fired up that she caught the first fish. (she always does). She proceeded to catch 3 more crappies and 2 walleyes in this area. One crap was 14″ and the eyes were 16″ and 18.5″. I caught one 11″ crap and a 15″ eye.

    Needless to say I think she is hooked now. Her hot lure was a gold hair jig. Wish I had had some more of those in the tackle box. She was so pumped she actually held her fish for the photos (1st time).

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