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Crestliner Commander 1850 hull design question

  • dougmac
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    Hi everyone,

    I’m thinking about buying a Crestliner Commander 1850 and I keep seeing it advertised as a big water boat but I can’t find any specific details or descriptions on why it should perform better in big water. Does anyone know if the hull design is different than say, a Sportfish? I know it has a high transom guard and is a fairly deep boat, I’m just wondering if it has additional features that make it extra stable in larger water.

    I currently have a 1850 Sportfish, so that is my best reference point.

    Anybody heard anything?



    Posts: 112

    I just googled the specs on the commander, I have an 2003 1850 super hawk. the hull looks the same but the beam may be a bit wider and about 2″ longer overall. what year is your sport fish?


    Stone Lake, WI
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    I ran into a guy at Sturgeon bay boat launch on a Salmon trip that had one. Out of curiosity I asked him how he liked the boat. He said he loved it for trolling, but the ride in and out in rough water wasn’t fun. The windshield being that forward really made for a rough ride in the driver and passenger seat. Other than that, he said he loved the boat.

    Thomas Smith
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    My Commander 2050 was delivered late October 2020. I took it to lake Pepin during the super warm spell we had the first week of November. The weather was beautiful and calm but I did get it into some light chop the last evening I was there. I went out of my way to find the roughest water I could find to test it out a little. My opinion of it is that it’s a beast! The “helm forward” design can add to a rougher ride in some boats from what I’ve read, but that’s not the case in my 2050. It rides very smooth with the deep V and the weight of the boat. The sides are very high from inside the rear deck, I’m 6’ and I can barely reach the water to rinse my hands off. I bought the Commander for big water safety and comfort and from what I can tell, it’s going to perform very well. I hope this helps a little.

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