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Crappie update

  • John Shear
    Chippewa Falls, WI
    Posts: 205

    I’ve been out to Wissota the last 3 weekends and have been doing great getting lots of crappie and a few walleye each time. The key depth is 15 ft. Cribs produce some action, but most are on the edge of flats or the bottom of the shoreline dropoff. I’ll attach a couple of pics which demonstrate what I look for. I added Lowrance StructureScan this year, which helps me to cover water faster, but the downscan is most useful for picking out fish versus other stuff.
    The big fish are readily chomping on 3″ Gulp minnows. I fish a crappie tube also, but only the smaller ones take the tube this time of year.

    1. shot-008.png

    2. shot-001.png

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