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Crane Lake

  • DaveB
    Eagan MN
    Posts: 4208

    We have fished Vermilion for years, been on Kabe and Rainy, but this is our first time fishing Crane. Anything to watch out for? Is it worth looking for Lake Trout or stick to walleye smb and pike????

    Erik Swenson
    Posts: 263

    Crane will be more geared toward the latter. Some good crappie fishing at times too. Most hazards are well marked.

    Sand Point Lake I think has some lake trout, but I don’t have any direct experience.

    Awesome area regardless. Enjoy!

    Harris, Somewhere in VNP
    Posts: 808

    There are no lake trout in crane or sand point. I think thre are lakes accessible through crane that have lake trout though.
    Crane will fish very similarly to Vermilion, Kab, or Rainy. (Technically it’s all the same body of water)

    Erik Swenson
    Posts: 263

    DNR fisheries survey confirms no lake trout in Sand Point and thank you for the correction Grubson.

    Mukooda didn’t sound optimitic for them anymore unfortunately.

    Little Trout probably your most accessible option DaveB. You’ll need to carry a canoe or something in though. I don’t think the forest service boat stashed there is for rent.

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