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Bite last night at Coralville

  • mossydan
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Posts: 7727

    We spent about 4 hrs last night below the tube at Coralville without a single bite. We were using 5″ bluegills but it was pretty slow. My daughter was useing crawlers and she didn’t even get a bite. The water level is way up and probably the cause. The discharge from the tube is roaring and a site to see for someone whos never seen it. 30′ from the fence the parking lot is wet and waters splashing and coming over the wall. The actual height of the water coming right from the discharge is 8′ lower then the water in the river, the pressure from the discharge is holding all the 8′ deeper water back down in the river. Talk about the water boiling, its a sight to see, alot of water is coming through the discharge tube right now. Iowa citys sandbaging thier lower areas. The emergency overflow by the spillway is about 3′ from going over the top. There was a couple dozen people walking the top of the spillway looking at the waterheight. On the other side of the spillway is a park and a 10 acre parking lot and its got 10′ of water over it. The 4″ of rain they got a few days ago out west was just entering the upper end of the reserviour yesterday. Theres alot of water coming through the dam right now.

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