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schools of shad

  • mossydan
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Posts: 7727

    Was down to the Coaralville reserviour this morning fishing for crappies, got a few about 10″ long, nothing big. We were sitting there and a school of shad came in from deeper water and i couldn’t believe the size of this one. I looked it over and it got bigger every time i looked from one side to the other. I know this school was atleast 200′ wide and atleast that long. The small stripers were feeding on them and we tried to get into some nicer ones but didn’t score. All the shad were about 2″ long and there were millions of them it seemed. I’ve never seen a school this big, it was huge, had to be hundreds of pounds of shad, anyone else ever see a school that big.

    Dav. IA
    Posts: 146

    I have seen giant schools of shad at Mcbride at night before. Everywhere you shined a spotlight there were shad. thousands of them. I didn’t realize there was that big of a population at Mcbride until then. It seemed like the whole lake was covered with them..

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