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Run Run Run

  • Gianni
    Cedar Rapids, IA
    Posts: 2063

    Got my boat back and wanted someplace where I could run run run, so I headed down to Coralville after work.

    Nothing too exciting – one largemouth in a laydown (if you can find one, you’ll probably catch a fish), one smallie on the rocks, and a few big white bass here and there around the MacBride spillway.

    For Coralville, for me, a decent outing. My luck there is usually pretty awful.

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Posts: 7727

    how big were the whitebass john

    Cedar Rapids, IA
    Posts: 2063

    I’d guess 13-16″. I was surprised at their size, usually Coralville is jammed with the smaller ones, but I rarely catch one over about 14.

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