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Coralville is on FIRE

  • skunkboy
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Posts: 172

    I’ve been to Coralville Reservoir three times this last week. I’ve caught a few nice cats. Here’s some numbers to ponder…

    I’ve caught about 80 channel cats in three different trips (total of 15 hours);
    the average weight is about 5 pounds. smallest about 2 and biggest about 9;
    that brings the total weight in my boat this week to somewhere between 350 and 400 pounds.

    That doesn’t count the 24 pound 38 inch flathead I caught on Monday either (that was a bonus fish).

    That’s a pretty good week in my book. I have only had better totals at Mendota Lake in Madison, Wisconsin (but that’s a freak show…average weight for channel cats is around 15 pounds with similar number caught each day).

    All caught on cut shad while drifting/trolling in 4 to 14 FOW. Any type bottom structure (flats, drop offs, humps, etc), they are everywhere.

    Good luck out there.


    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Posts: 7727

    You’ve probably heard Ken and probably fishing it, but its on fire right now again too. Its always this time of year especially when the res. is on the rise, Its hard to keep your line in the water and not catch a nice channel.

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