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Coralville – slow

  • Gianni
    Cedar Rapids, IA
    Posts: 2063

    Well, with the boat back in (more or less) operating condition, I’ve hit Coralville about 4 or 5 times since my return home. I’d figured the crappie bite would be starting to improve steadily with all fo the cold weather for the last few weeks, but things are still awfully hit-and-miss, with no real places stacked with fish.

    That being said, there has definitely been one or two fish on the usual spots, I’m sure there are others down there, but I don’t think they’re convinced that winter’s coming yet. Once the weather decides to cool off and settle a bit, I’m guessing the bite should improve dramatically.

    Cedar Rapids, IA
    Posts: 2063

    Headed out on Coralville yesterday in search of some crappies. The fish still seem a bit scattered, not sure I was in the best area, but there were a few around. Size was good, which surprised me since most of the people doing well with numbers are saying they’re short. Still not gangbusters by any stretch.

    Water temp is finally dropping, sitting around 52 degrees give or take. The guys pulling out next to me had two walleyes, one of which was a hog @ 6+ lbs. There must be a fair number of them in the res this year, since it seems like every time I’m out someone hits one.

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    Thanks for the report.

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