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Coralville Area

  • mr-special
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    hey gang,
    how the fishing is the Coralville area. i’ll be taking a trip down there this wkend for my daughters gymnastics comp on sunday. so i figure why not go friday nite, and fish saturday. =D
    places such as the Tailwater West Camp ground looks really fishy? ive fish teh Redrock area before and is somewat familiar fish fishing the iowa River but ive nvr fished this area before. is there decent fishing areas in Coralville itself?

    im open to fishing anywhere within 30mins of Coravile since ill be in dwntown Coralville. im not after any real particular species. my favorite species to chase in Iowa are your Wipers since we dont have them in MN, and i dont mind tangling with dem Asain carps either.

    thanks in advance

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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    You can put in right above the dam right on the reservoir, theres a multi lane ramp there. Theres Jolly rogers and Sandy beach areas that both have ramps. Theres a good catfish bite on at the reservoir right now. Look for flooded weeds and that’s a place to start. If the bite is slow there fish the deeper water next to those areas. Lots of places to camp with showers and plugin’s. If your after the hybrids stripers go to lake MacBride, right by the reservoir, and look for the suspended shad bait pods with your fish finder and fish the bottom of those with a big jig and 5″ twister tails. Good luck.

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