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copying waypoints from summer unit to ice units

  • Tom schmitt
    Posts: 539

    I would like to use my waypoints from my boat helix in an ice unit.
    The helix 5 only has one sd card slot.
    As I understand it to have the wapoints from my helix 12 I would need to save it to a sd card.

    My question is, after saving the waypoints from the 12, would I transfer them off the card to the 5 and then insert the lakemaster chip?

    Posts: 131

    Yep, that should do it. They’ll stay on the card after you transfer them to the 5; you’d have to go on your computer and delete them off the card. Pretty easy:

    Tom schmitt
    Posts: 539

    Thanks. I didn’t know for sure how that works and didn’t want to buy something that wouldn’t work.

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