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Bite takes off

  • gooshnt
    Posts: 4

    WEnt out Fri 15th in evening. Tried wipers but only managed white bass and 1 4lb wiper. Tried the south points, martin bay, and dam but not much for us. Sharkbait probably killed em .
    Had heard the walleye bite was on Friday so went after em Sat. and they were on. Caught probably 20 keepers. Only a couple of nicer (3-4 lbs) ones but some good eaters. Won’t say where since the tourney is goin on tomorrow but saw several teams today catching alot of fish. Funny how you couldn’t buy a walleye a week ago and now they are really on!

    Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
    Posts: 3149

    Thanks for the update gooshnt!

    The mud puddle in western Ks
    Posts: 347

    Actually we hammered them for about an hour before dark on a north shore point.Crazy though they would hit anything but topwater and they never chased bait on top but they hammered
    SUPER SPOOKS and JERK n SAM lures.Couldn’t get a single strike on anything subsurface though.Same bite last night before the storm came rolling in.

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