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The annual Migration has started.

  • sharkbait
    The mud puddle in western Ks
    Posts: 347

    Everyone always talks about migration.Geese ducks,Caribou up north.I think the annual migration to Nebraska from Colorado started a day early.Yesterday the lake was already getting busy with Coloradans.I guess my plans are getting changed.I’ll go to the mountains for the weekend and come home Monday when they are all headed back to Denver.Get in a little fishing tonight before it gets any crazier.Then work tomorrow morning and head out west.By Monday evening hopefully things will start to clear out and the wipers will fire back up.

    zachary fries
    Central Nebraska
    Posts: 1435

    Kind of like a plague

    I wish I felt different but I do not remember a single time when a cl boat showed me any kind of courtesy

    I am still going to head out tonight and try my luck and hold my temper

    NE Nebraska
    Posts: 757


    If it’s any consolation…I’ve come across a courteous CO boat once out there.

    We used to head out there for our “Father’s Day fishing trip” for a week. The first year out at Big Mac on the third day we got to talking to a guy that we had seen every day while we were cleaning fish. Turns out he was a guide and he gave us a few pointers. To be fair, he was originally from NE, so I don’t know if that really counts as a CO boat.


    Posts: 10

    sadly i have to agree with zach. they are the worst in april during the spawn, they will even troll against the flow of traffic. the altitude must kill brain cells

    Posts: 29

    They started showing up at enders on wed and thurs. Maybe we should just charge more for license and park entry for non-res. Whats a non-res CO elk tag cost? Last time i drove through Estes Park it was somewhere around 20 bucks, you can get a year long parks sticker in NE for that.

    just an thought

    Gale Johnson

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    My best friend is a Sheriff’s Deputy in Sidney. In his training at the academy in GI, they actually told him that “things go to hell when all the license plates turn green at Big Mac”.

    There was a migrator from co at Elwood yesterday too, one of the stupidest people I’ve seen in quite some time. He launched a big fiberglass boat, and the rear tires of the suv were in the water. I hope whoever pulled him out charged him at LEAST $100. I didn’t see them try to load, but I would bet EVERYTHING I OWN they did not make it out without another truck pulling them out. Don’t worry…I’ll rant about the idiocy I saw at Elwood this weekend on another post.

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