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Yes, this really happened…..

  • Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    No, that’s not a stuffed bird like my mom insisted. It’s as real as they get! Funny story behind it, too.

    Long story condensed, my buddy has a chicken ranch near McConaughy. We were taking some birds out for the youth hunt the next day. I told him one got out going down the interstate, but he wouldn’t have it. Next day we hit Mac, drove 8 miles thru waves, then back 7 thru the same waves. 2 in the afternoon, here comes this bird strutting out to see what was going on. Near as I can tell, it was sucked into the boat and whipped behind a console where the wind commonly places things. He crawled up in the console, which I can guarantee, as my boxes show it, if you know what I mean. He hopped up on the gunwale, and I rushed for my camera, because I knew nobody would believe this. We were convinced he wasn’t going to make it, but he hopped and flew to shore and looked pretty lost on a sandy beach. Doubt that one will be topped anytime soon.

    As for the fishing, it wasn’t too bad. Our biggest was 23″, and they were caught anywhere from 16-46 FOW. Ended with a few eaters but no hawgs like we were hoping for.

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Posts: 7727

    The proofs in the pudding, nice picture.

    Minneapolis MN
    Posts: 1689

    Great tale. You have makings for a sequel to “Life of Pi” .

    Rochester, MN
    Posts: 733

    Very cool story. I have a few solid bird stories as well. One involves a sparrow hanging out on the tip of my buddies rod for a few minutes while fishing-he was obviousely hammering fish-and the other capturing a wounded great blue heron by hand. Those things are crazy. Felt like I was in a Jurassic park movie.

    Posts: 450

    Yep, cast and blast!

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