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Coho salmon trolling

  • chappy
    Hastings, MN
    Posts: 4796

    So those of you that troll Coho out of Duluth..when would you say is the best time of spring to go?

    Grand rapids mn
    Posts: 1164

    Mid April when the smelt are running would be a good time. Some years the smelt can be a few weeks early or late, really depends on water temps.

    East Bethel, MN
    Posts: 10221

    If you’re into combat fishing, go as soon as the landings are ice free. The cohos will be pretty concentrated to a single area and it isn’t hard to find that area early in the season. It’s just hard to get in the area without tangling with another boat. You’ll find them in Duluth up to Two Harbors until about mid June to early July. There really isn’t a bad time.

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