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Clearwater bass and pike

  • Joe Jarl
    SW Wright County
    Posts: 848

    Any words of wisdom for targeting bass and pike this time of year? Heading out shortly with the boys casting cranks and swimbaits. The plan is to hit weed lines adjacent to deep water. I know, that doesn’t narrow it down much! Lol. Anybody have much luck on Augusta?

    North Metro
    Posts: 716

    Haven’t fished Clearwater in a couple years but use to fish it a fair amount. It would be worth trying Augusta also if I were going to Clearwater. Spinner baits and jigs can work well also but your on the right idea with the weed lines.

    tim hurley
    Posts: 4280

    I would look for sharp breaks and thick weeds next to deep water and skip Augusta. You will be busy enough at CW and that is the better lake, IMHO

    Posts: 135

    I was just out on Clearwater yesterday. You will find the pike literally everywhere. Caught about 20 pike in only a couiple of hours. Some nice bass too. Most pike sat right on the weedline.

    Joe Jarl
    SW Wright County
    Posts: 848

    Relatively short outing, but we managed 5 bass and a pike. Bite was good right after the rain, but died off when the sun came out. Most bites came as mentioned above. Thicker weeds in 10-12’. Didn’t make it over to Augusta. A lot of competition out there. Glitter boats everywhere. Not sure if they were prefishing or if there was an event going on. Noticed a number of them fishing very shallow in the reeds and also skipping docks.

    Sartell, MN.
    Posts: 6837

    Clearwater can be really good for bass. I fish it a fair amount each year. Normally do well spring-fall. Last year was a Terrible year for us out there. We could not catch fish well out there all year for some reason. Then this year we did fairly well in the spring and have had some real good outings so far this summer. Looking forward to the fall bite out there. Fun lake to fall fish. There is usually a good mixed bag bite in the fall on jerkbaits, rattletraps, buzzbaits, and spinnerbaits. Not uncommon to catch bass, walleye, and lots of northerns all I. The same areas.

    Farmington, MN
    Posts: 2427

    I normally do well with spinnerbaits in that area in the fall.

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