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Yellow bass at hitting hot and heavy.

  • iowa roger
    North central Iowa
    Posts: 259

    We were out yesterday, nice warm fall day, lots of fishermen on the lake, looked like most were after the yellows.
    They were medium size for most part, a few small that we released.
    Looks like time is getting short for open water fishing, unless you can stand the cold.
    Us oldies can’t take it like we used to.
    Bite was on minnows and crawlers, they were not picky, they were after anything that was in the food line.

    Tight lines,

    Iowa Roger

    Emmetsburg, Iowa
    Posts: 114

    Yellow bass can be a blast on light gear. What depth are you finding them? Are you on Clear Lake?

    iowa roger
    North central Iowa
    Posts: 259

    Yes, Clear Lake, and under a bobber, water was only 3′ deep close to the weeds.
    Looked like everyone was getting em in shallow water.

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