Boat ramp CAUTION!

  • tomschmitz
    North Central Iowa
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    Use Caution when launching out of McIntosh Woods ramps. The end of the ramps drop off. I bent my cross member on the boat and couldn’t figue what I did wrong. Next day there where big signs marking the end of the ramp. Probably happen to alot of us I guess. Probably got scoured out from boats reving up onto their trailers too much. Any way, be forwarned and safe boating.


    Hudson, WI
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    hence the reason for the no power loading signs at a lot of launches. to bad about your trailer.

    Beaver E
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    I put the boat in last sat and I see they put up signs. I am guessing the the silt is settling from when they dregged it. I got clear lake out of my system and now I am ready for the full summer at redwing.

    Nashua Iowa
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    Part of the problem with the ramps is that the lake is quite a bit low right now so use caution everywhere!

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    i used the middle ramp and got something caught on tires. had to give truck work out to get trailer out of it. It ruined both my tires, may have been wire or re rod or some type of fencing?

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