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Clear Lake Update?

  • hv2fish06
    Posts: 176

    Fished there few weeks back and did ok with number of fish. We fished little lake,farmers and Dodger Point. Trolled Flicker Shads with longline and leadcore in 8-11 fow. ended up with 15 walleyes and 10 yellows. 2 walleyes were legal if wanting to keep. was thinking bout trying again this weekend since FLW and MTT is at pool 4. Looking for any update if someone wants to reply

    Northeast, Iowa
    Posts: 373

    Fished there Good Friday, caught 28 Walleyes but only 1 keeper.. Also 1 real nice Striper

    Bob Spitz
    Osage Iowa
    Posts: 75

    Fished Thursday evening from 4 to 9. Trolled #7 shads in 8-10 FOW @ 2.5mph was working well for me. Ended up with 20 eyes, 2 were 15-16″. Should just continue to get better!

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