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Clear Lake Walleyes

  • GTR
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    I haven’t been down there in a few years. Was woundering how the population of walleyes are doing and if its worth a trip down there in the early spring.
    Thanks for your help

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    Which Clear Lake are you talking about? The one in Waconia or the one by Forest Lake?

    Iowa Marshall Co
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    If your talking about the Iowa Clear Lake it has been good. Mainly right at dusk working the shallow shore lines

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    If you are talking about Clear lake,Ia it should be decent this year. I have talked to a number of people that went to the hatchery,DNR claim one of best year classes in a number of years. They said netted very large number of 18-22 inch fish for spawn. They also claim musky is at all time with with 11lb average in the 38-39 inch range? I do not know if this will be the case, but with fuel prices this high i will be hitting lake alot this year instead of 3 hour drive to Pepin sadly enough

    Iowa - Franklin Co
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    I live about 45 mins away and I have lunch there every Wed while passing through on business. I have heard the talk about good catches for this year, BUT I have heard that before. I can only tell you that very FEW walleyes were caught through the ice. Last year in summer, very FEW. In fact one tourney was won with 3 fish. I am hoping like everyone else that the reports hold true. Small fish are being caught right now (OK Wed) at the outlet and inlet but I don’t think the big numbers have moved in yet. I am sure another big muskie or two will be caught again this spring, there are some big girls in there. The past two summers I have not caught many walleye (as compared to previous years) but the white and yellow bass have kept me happy.

    Northern IA
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    Went to the hatchery two springs back for a school trip when they were draining the females they netted of their eggs and i will never handle/see that many 8lb+ walleyes in my lifetime! some great things there doing there, and yes they had a few large large muskies as well!

    owen nelson
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    They need to put a slot in on that lake all they do is keep 17- 22” fish. I think that the way they have it now is wrong. It could be the strong yellow population too they eat every thing in sight walleye eggs and fry.

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