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Classic engines?

  • Besox
    Posts: 562

    I’ve a few of the 5.3 Chevys that I liked very much, but now I’m looking at the 5.7 Hemi just wondering if anyone has a good comparison to share?
    Mileage, reliability etc?

    SW Metro
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    I’ve only driven the 5.7 hemi so I don’t have a comparison to other brands. But I put 160k on my first truck with 0 issues, and am coming up on 80k on my current truck with no issues. My Dad also has about 100k across 2 trucks with no issues. More power than I have ever needed, including towing boats or fully enclosed trailers loaded to the gills moving homes. I track gas mileage religiously and get about 16 city in the winter, and 17.5 city in the summer, highway is usually around 22 mpg with 24.5 mpg being the best I’ve gotten. Great engine, and I’m a big fan!

    Posts: 562

    Thanks for the info.

    North branch, mn
    Posts: 11186

    Just sold my 5.7 hemi and bought a 6.4 hemi. I loved that 5.7, I put 110xxx on it with out a issue. I could get 27 mpgs with the tuner in it. I deleted dfm and did not allow it to do cylinder deactivation. If I had to choose a 5.7 or 5.3 I would go 5.7 every day of the week. The 5.3 leaves a lot of undesirable space. It’s under powered and over worked. This is coming from also owning a 5.3 in our Tahoe.

    John Rasmussen
    Posts: 2797

    I owned the 5.3 in a Yukon It was before they ruined it with cylinder deactivation. Great motor, very solid. I now have the 5.7 Hemi and it has way more power, torque is about the same I think. Gas mileage is hard for me to say much about, I am hooked up to a trailer at least 50% of the time. The 5.3 from 2007 to current has to many issues to make me want another one. The Hemi has there issues also but not as bad from what I have seen. The engine that is the most reliable currently was the 5.7 Tundra engine. They switched to the 3.5 turbo and we will see how that goes.

    Michael Best
    Posts: 356

    Our work trucks have had 5.3 engines in them.
    My personal truck has been a 5.7 hemi and now recently a 5.7 tundra.

    A lot more power from the hemi and tundra.
    The hemi does decent on fuel economy but the 5.3 does a little better.

    Repair wise the tundra has them all beat. 5 years and 100 K miles and not a single repair. Just oil changes and a set of tires as far as maintenance.

    Additional info.
    From 2012 on I ran a programmer in my hemi pick ups I had.
    I shut off the MDS and could not see any noticeable difference in fuel economy compared to when I had it activated.

    Mound, MN
    Posts: 4919

    ive owned every engine mentioned here. I would not recommend the 5.3L unless you get a pre-2007 before they started using cylinder deactivation. I currently have the 5.7L Tundra and its been great so far but i only have 21k miles on the truck. I had a HEMI 5.7 in the Durango i owned. I loved that engine too. I believe that the Tundra will give you the least amount of problems of the 3 but i wouldnt hesitate to recommend the HEMI to anyone. I would never recommend the current iteration of the 5.3L

    For what its worth the Yukon XL i drove with the 5.3L engine was the nicest vehicle ive ever had. Really enjoyed how it drove and the interior comfort. My mechanic enjoyed seeing it too cause it paid his bills

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