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Chippewa Valley Walleye League Openings

  • mar-80
    Chippewa Falls, WI
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    If anyone from the area is looking for a great way to spend their Tuesday nights check this out. Great bunch of guys and always a fun time. Our first meeting will be 04-23-13, which is a rules meeting and a get together to meet the teams, location to be determined yet. Just check the website. We have about 10 teams now with room for 19 so are spots available.

    Chippewa Valley Walleye League

    About the League
    The Chippewa Valley Walleye League is a friendly walleye fishing league. The league operates on the CPR (Catch, Picture, Release) format. We believe this format is the best for the fishery because fish are kept out of the water for minimal amount of time which ensures the fish are returned to the fishery healthy. This ensures our local fisheries will continue to thrive in the years to come.
    League/Club Objective
    Provide a forum to meet fellow anglers, learn new techniques, and share fishing experiences.
    Provide a means by which club members can improve their angling skills, and knowledge.
    To educate, encourage, and stimulate interest in angling for walleye.
    To encourage the observance and enforcement of fish and game laws.
    Provide a forum where members can promote the preservation of our lakes and rivers
    Promote good sportsmanship
    Promote youth involvement in league and fishing in general

    Learn more at Hope to see some new faces this year.

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