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Anyone been out?

  • jjknows
    Posts: 19

    Just wondering if anybody has been out Walleye fishing yet? Ive been going to the Miss but with the gas prices skyrocketting I was hoping to get on the Chipp. Any info would be great. Thanks

    Posts: 6255

    Know a spot close to town that can be great for Jumbo’s I want to give a try. Yup the cost is going up on a trip to big muddy but not if you find a few buddy’s to share expense. I have not heard anything about the Chip but you know they are there to be had just need to put in some time

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    I am with you. I am going to be going to the Chippewa Flowage but am wondering what months are the best. In addition I don’t have an idea what part of the flowage to concentrate on can any one help to answer these questions?

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