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10 days till Chetek!

  • Sharticus
    North Liberty, IA
    Posts: 20

    Officially 10 days till we arrive in Chetek for vacation! Can’t wait, as always. Will be bringing a kayak with us this year, hoping to be able to catch some fish out of that while we are there. Drifting seems to be a highly recommended method on the lakes, hoping drifting in the kayak for some panfish will be the ticket. How’s the panfish bite on the lakes? Hoping to get my buddy’s kids into some action this year too. We haven’t had the best luck the past few years, but fishing isn’t our only focus either I guess.

    Waterloo, Iowa
    Posts: 889

    I was there the week of the 4th when the weather was HOT!!! The best fishing was drifting over deep water and the fish were suspended at about 7′. Heading back next weekend and then again for a week in Aug. Good luck!!

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