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Chequamegon Bay help needed!

  • daddy
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    My dad and I are headed to Chequamegon Bay On October 11th. This will be my first time fishing there. Ive read a lot of things about people “dragging suckers” and they being the only way to catch them. Are they talking dragging suckers on a bottom bouncer rig? From everything I’ve read it sounds like they go deep in the fall. Any tips on what to try and where to start would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

    North Metro
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    Generally talking about “lindy” or live bait rigging. I really didn’t like the egg style sinkers for the areas that we fished so you might want to have a few other options in both type and weight.

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    Ok, that will be all new to me. I mainly fish for bass, but I’ve never used any type of lindy or live bait rig. This is gonna be a train wreck. haha!

    East Bethel, MN
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    Delta, WI
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    Daddy, If you are not into fishing live bait for bass….you sure do not need to “drag suckers” to catch smallies on the bay. If you want to take advantage of using a large sucker minnow for some “bonus” smallies just hang one or two out of a rod holder near bottom and keep fishing artificials. In fall, the bass start to congregate in their winter haunts…and feed on shallower water next to the shipping channel. This past Saturday we caught all of our fish on Football head jigs and craws, Drop shot worms and jigging spoons. I prefer not to take any live bait esp in the fall. You can private mail me if you like….Water temp is already in mid 50’s so bite is going to come on strong….

    SW Wisconsin
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    We fish Green Bay in the fall if the wind and my free time coincide so I can get out. I use a 3 way rig. 8 to 12 inch dropper and 3 foot lead to a #2 kahle hook with 5 to 8 inch chub or sucker. Pulling an egg sinker through zebras causes to many line nicks=break offs. Artificial works, but live bait will outfish any artificial 3 to 1 where we go. 3 years ago 7 guys in 3 boats landed 225 smallies on 1 Saturday. Not 1 fish under 3 lbs. Many 4 to 4.5 pounders. Several over five and a couple 6ers.
    We have found the colder the water temp the deeper the fish will be.

    Johnie Birkel
    South metro
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    Daddy. Not sure if you caught it but you might want to check out cbeeksma’s bio as he has a pretty good idea of what’s going on up there and didn’t drop a bunch of advertisement. Unlike me he is more than a keyboard cowboy for the bay(no affiliation to him). For what’s it’s worth, I have tried for smallies a handful of times and find it overwhelming to get started. It doesn’t seem to big, but toss in some weather and it feels huge.

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    Awesome guys! Thanks so much for the info. I’m not the cocky type that says I’m gonna go out and hammer them, it’s gonna be a mess, I know that. I just hope to boat a few.

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