Cf moto uforce 1000

  • Josh
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    Just wondering if anyone owns one of these and how would you compare them to a Ranger xp1000 or defender hd10?

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    I have not been in a Uforce but I have ridden with and in a Zforce 950. The ride was rough and the power did not seem to be as advertised. It all comes down to intended use. If you don’t care about speed or ride aggressively, it may be just fine for you. Still faster than a Kawasaki. devil

    Yet to meet anyone who bought one and regretted it, they seem like decent machines. I would personally buy a Ranger or Defender over one just based off dealer network, reputation and parts availability. My FIL has a Ranger 1000 and my Dad is on his second Defender HD10. They are both awesome machines with a proven record.

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