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4 Season/IDO Cat Fishing Tournament June 15/16

  • river rat randy
    Hager City WI
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    DTRo is running his tournament to inflate his own ego,

    mfreeman451…..that’s pretty funny right there. DTRO is putting on a 100% payout tournament that was requested by the membors of his site. It’s put on through a free website with no advertisement obligations and no product pimping….

    But yet somehow it’s about his ego. Pretty funny.

    Both contests have their limitations and both will go a long way to promote catfishing.

    It sounds like 4 Seasons has done a good job responding to comments and will run a fun and succesful tournament.

    I am also sure the event on P2 will also be successful. Both events are being run by guys who are advocates for the fishery and I wouldn’t think twice about fishing either.

    Now put your money up and go fish!!

    Now that’s one of the best posts I’ve seen in the cat forum .in recent history! [/quote..]..X10….RRR

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