Another Nebraska Giant

  • Ben Garver
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    I was at Sherman Reservoir again this last weekend and was witness to yet another Nebraska giant flathead. I was trolling on Sunday afternoon and trolled near a boat where the fight of a lifetime was on. They turned out to be friends with a guy I met earlier in the summer who was fishing by himself and needed a hand with photos of his PB walleye. Just like their buddy Travis, niether of these guys had a camera, so after they landed the fish I boarded their boat to help with pictures.

    I had my soft tape measure with me this time and was able to get a girth measurement along with a length measurement this time. It hit the tape at 51 inches long and had a girth of 33.5 inches. The fish was released after measurements and pictures. Congrats TJ!!

    I can’t leave out another PB flathead that was caught at Sherman over the weekend. My cousin Joe and Uncle Jim joined me on Friday night for a little bit of night trolling for walleyes. Just a few minutes before lightening chased us off the lake Jake’s 12 ft trolling rod layed back and started peeling line off. A short time later I netted Joe’s biggest fish of his life. It measured 38 inches and had a 23 inch girth and weighed 22.6#’s on a digital scale. He was very happy to say the least. Congrats Joe!!

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    Wow – what a total beast! What a great fishery you have there!!!

    Brian Klawitter
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    Just goes to show what size a flat can grow to when eating a diet of walleyes! LOL!

    Ben, is that the reservoir that’s catch and release only for flats?

    BTW- Awesome photo job!

    Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
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    Ben, is that the reservoir that’s catch and release only for flats?

    No, that woulds be Branched Oak Reservoir near Lincoln. These fish were caught at Sherman Reservoir.

    New regulations on flatheads may go into effect next year in Nebraska. They are proposing that each angler will only be allowed to keep 1 flathead over 30 inches. Catch and Release would still be in effect on Branched Oak.

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    Maybe you guide the wrong species..

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    Wow, awesome fish.
    Ben, it has to be a lot of fun just helping out and taking pics. They turned out well!

    Jerry Hochhausen
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    That’s a beautiful flathead. Huge head and gut.

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    Conversion chart only goes to 50 inches for length. Looking at the dimensions it could be close to 70lb fish.

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