Rainy Report

  • aquajoe
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    Well tough fishing so far. Lots o Current, windy and non existent bite. Only 6 sturgeon since Saturday and the biggest only going 38 inches. Still a lot of fishing to do so we will keep working it.

    Others are in the same boat slow bite and we have not seen anyone catch anything of any size. Not saying that there has not been any, we just have not seen any.

    Mike W
    MN/Anoka/Ham lake
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    Windy is a understatement. From Friday morning to Monday we only had calm winds Monday morning. At least the rain stayed away for the most part. Sunday we had passing rain clouds that dropped light rain but heavy winds with each passing cloud.

    I thought the current was pretty decent around Wheelers point. 4ounces was plenty in all the areas we fished. Even dropped down to 3 ounces a few times. The river had cleared up tremendously since the previous weekend. Still a little grass and weeds floating around but very fishable.

    I have seen better fishing but we did still get fish every trip out. Trying to stay on good fish was tough. You could tell these fishing where sure coming into the river in waves. Friday morning we started out on fish with in minutes of dropping anchor and picked up a half dozen. It was good to see the boys land a 51″ and 48 back to back that morning to start the trip. Then we didn’t get another until late in the day. Think we caught about a dozen on Saturday with 7 coming in a couple of hours in the morning. Sunday was slow with 8 or 9 fish. Monday morning started out great again with light winds and sun out in the bay. Perfect Sturgeon weather and they decided to show up. We had 6 in two and a half hours with one short, one in the mid 40s and the others from 50 to 60″s. Frank caught the 60″er which welcomes him into the 60″ club. Way to go Frank. This was also our last fish of the and a great way to end it.

    I think you guys coming up later this week and weekend will have some pretty decent fishing. Looks like the river flow will continue to drop. Temps where running right around 40 degrees but Im sure will keep climbing this week. Keep those crawlers fresh on the lines.

    Ill get some photos up later today.

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