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Necedah, Nekoosa, and the Pete

  • z-man
    Dousman, WI
    Posts: 1360

    Spent 3 days mixing it up some, Wednesday thru Friday afternoon. Quite a range in conditions, to say the least. Started out Wednesday launching at Chesters, and stayed from 10 mile down to the head of the Pete. Water temps ranged from 48 to 53 degrees. Got about 15 shorts, plus a few white bass and two smallies. On Thursday, hit the Petenwell Dam from 7 am till noon, and then left fish to find fish. Water temps at 39 degrees, and boated about 20 eyes with 4 legals in the bunch, plus 4 perch tween 9 to 12 inches, plastics and jig/fatheads.Decided to give the lake a try in the afternoon. Ice all gone, except for a large floating berg, which made its way to the west shore with the SE winds blowing hot and heavy. With tough winds and water temps at 39 degrees, and no bites in 4 hours, we cried uncle and headed in. Friday morning took us back to 10 mile and down, and with only a few dinks to show for, packed it up and headed home by noon, beaten up by winds gusting to 30.
    For anyone heading in that direction, and needing a place to stay, check out the Necedah Motel….under 50 bucks, close to several launches, and nice folks.

    Wilton, WI
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    Good job Z! Heading to pete dam in the morning…

    Dousman, WI
    Posts: 1360

    Hit all three last weekend. Put in at the dam at Necedah on Friday afternoon 4 pm, and fished till dark. All gates were wide open, so water was ripping thru there fast and heavy. Tons of tiny white bass everywhere. Got a few small eyes and larger white bass too.
    Saturday morning took us to the river at Nekoosa. Launched at Chesters, and fished from 10 mile to the head of the lake. Water is up and moving fast. We boated about 20 small eyes, a few crappie and white bass. Launched at the county park on Sunday, and fished the east break at the south end of the lake. Nice still day made boat control a cinch as we worked up and down the breakline getting into some fish at most locations. Boated about 35 eyes and some white bass, with three legals in the bunch. No slot fish. They definitely wanted meat, and they wanted it slowwwwwww, so I finally gave up on plastics and started catching fish.
    Water temps in the river at Nekoosa were 44 degrees, but 49 at south end of the lake.

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