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Castle Rock info?

  • Anonymous
    Holmen, WI
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    Might head to Castle Rock the middle of this month. Never been there before. Can anybody offer some tips? I don’t want spots, but a general idea on where to access the ice and what type of fish too expect.

    Thanks for any advice!!

    Minocqua, WI
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    You still in touch with Bret??? He has gotten over here in the last two to three years… also if you might still be in touch with Dodgeboy, his parents are still down in that area… targa, might be another to help you and I think muskie nut is pretty familiar with the lake as well.


    Holmen, WI
    Posts: 0

    Thanks Mark!!! I will see what I can figure out. I haven’t talked with Dodge or any of the old crew from here in quite awhile.

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