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Castle Rock bite?

  • eauclaireboys
    Eau Claire wi
    Posts: 131

    I haven’t been to Castle rock in years and I am heading back this week. My brothers and I are meeting for 2 days of fishing and staying at the very classy Hiawatha Motel. )

    Has anyone been out recently?

    Any tips for catching some fish. We would likely focus on Bass Large or White if they are biting. Or else walleyes if they are not to terribly difficult to find.

    Thanks Guys.


    SW Wisconsin
    Posts: 3516

    Troll almost anywhere with some crank baits and you’ll catch something. Otherwise focus on sunken wood on the river channel with jig minnow/crawler combos for mixed bag. Haven’t been out this year yet but this is what is done by 90% of the people fishing.

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