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Where are the bass in Cass?

  • Bass Pundit
    8m S. of Platte/Sullivan Lakes, Minnesocold
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    Any help would be appreciated. Catch and Release of coarse.

    The Shores of Lake Harriet
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    Check the deep cabbage along the west shoreline. Loaded. 12-14 foot weedline, clear water.



    SW Wisconsin
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    Found quite a few bucket mouths in Kitchi & Pug Hole while gill fishing a few week’s ago.

    Bass Pundit
    8m S. of Platte/Sullivan Lakes, Minnesocold
    Posts: 826

    Well from what I understand the Bass in Cass are not in Andrusia. My boater for our club tournament spent most of his pre-fishig day in there and he didn’t catch a single bass in the lake. I guess he got suckered in because it looked very bassy.

    It was super windy the day he pre-fished so he couldn’t really follow up on the advice I got from Grouse Dog.

    For the tournament we spent the whole day in Kitchi on the advice of someone else. We fished it sight unseen. We got 8 bass for 2 guys in 14+ man hours of fishing. Fish were scattered and caught sporadically throughout the day. Conditions were not the greatest with an 8AM start and bright sun with no clouds for the whole day. One of the other boats that was in Kitchi for what I think was a good part of their day struggled even worse than us.

    Our fish were all caught fairly shallow in or near heavy cover. I got 2 of my fish on a Zoom Horny Toad (1 in maidencaine 1 in reeds with pads) and the other came on a swim jig in reeds. None of mine were very big.

    If you like fishing heavy cover for bass (mainly maidencaine, pencil reeds, and pads, we didn’t see very much wild rice) I think you might like fishing Kitchi.

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