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Recent Cass Lake Reports?

  • yooper2
    SW Wisconsin
    Posts: 25

    Not a lot of chatter on the Cass Lake Forum. Heading up to Cass / Kitchi for our annual Memorial week trip. Just wondering if anyone has a current water temp or recent reports? Mainly targeting walleye with a mix of panfishing when the eyes get slow.

    Thanks in adavance-

    Farmington, MN
    Posts: 354

    I was up there on the opener, water temps were 48-50. Walleyes are pretty slow still with a little action in 6-12 feet of water. I was in Pug Hole lake and there seemed to be a little window of action on Sunday afternoon. All small fish. I will be heading up for Memorial weekend as well. I hope it’s picked up a little bit.

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