Cass Lake trip – 29th to June 4th – suggestions?

  • Tim Chrouser
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    First time there. Going for walleyes…and smallies. Anyone who has fished this lake – your input would be appreciated?

    Mike W
    MN/Anoka/Ham lake
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    Bring panfish gear for a back up. Was insane crappie and sunfish bite this weekend. Biggest sunnies Ive ever seen. Crappies where pretty decent to.

    Northfield MN
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    Unless things have changed as I haven’t been there in a few years, It’s a very clear water lake. Fish in low light conditions as we had our best luck after sundown for walleyes. Can’t speak for the Smallies. We pulled cranks primarily after dark and had decent success.

    Inver Grove Heights MN
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    Cass has a great mix of eyes right now and the bite is really good (today), there are huge perch to be had too.

    My friend guides on the lake (crushed it on opener) and spends a lot of his time pitching jigs in 8-12′ of water. Deeper fish are there to be had too. If live bait isn’t working, casting jigging raps can put some in the boat.

    Tony Hanson
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    Find the weeds in Cass and you will find the fish, walleyes are in there all year. Plenty of fish on the traditional deep structure usually as well, really depends on how you like to fish, and as others have mentioned, the panfish in Cass are generally a great option as well.

    SW Wisconsin
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    Good information above. Also, I would not be afraid to venture into Kitchi. The water is a little more stained and fish during the day can be more cooperative.

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    Cass Lake can be difficult with the clear water so don not be afraid to pull cranks across sand bars or structure at night. Also many other lakes connected Kitchi, Andrusia, wolf and Pikes bay. Plenty of water and areas to hit. Also if up there for a week look at leach, Bemidji and Winnie to go try out some other bodies of water. Plenty of great pan fishing lakes in the area.

    Tim Chrouser
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    Thanks for the input(everyone). My main issue is that I have a son…who I’ve been taking to Minnitaki for years and years, where we fish points and shelves with crank baits…all day long. Very easy to get a steady bite of eyes, smallies, and pike. My son doesn’t like to jig and he’s giving me crap because I can’t find a lake with that kind of a bite south of the border. I think he knows that there ain’t a lake like that here…he’s just peeved about the closed border and he needs someone to complain to.

    Tommy K
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    Sorry Tim , No smallmouth in the last 26 years of fishing the Cass chain.

    Has a awesome walleye bite if you can find current in the out side mouths of the channels this time of year.

    Day time bite, Don’t Laugh slow roll a White Beatle Spin in the out side weed lines and secondary breaks along the coon tail and cabbage.
    Cass lake weed line Walleyes at its finest.

    Hope this helps & Good luck

    Tim Chrouser
    Posts: 90

    Thanks TK! I’ll be releasing everything I catch so you can catch’em next time your there.

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