Cass Lake first time

  • patk
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    Spent part of the weekend on Cass for the first time. Nice place and enjoyed our time exploring the area. Especially the upper channels of the Mississippi and hiking on Star Island.

    Fishing wise was a head scratcher for me. I’ve never fished something with that much sand and what appeared to be featureless bottom. Tons of structure but I didn’t see anywhere that seemed “fishy”. To be fair I only spent a couple hours touristing in idle pulling rapalas looking at my graphs. That said I really didn’t mark much of anything.

    How do you guys locate fish in Cass? It appeared most of the other boats were either rigging or jigging around 30 fow but didn’t see anyone pulling up fish.

    *I threw a musky rod in the boat but never saw anywhere it looked like I should throw baits.

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    A lot of cruising shallows (8-12′) w/ side imagining looking for pods of fish and using giant red tails this time of year. You can also find fish in 50-70′ of water that will hit anything around.

    In general, Cass is so clear that without any wind, fish will scatter in under 20′ of water…at times even deeper. Long casts with jigs, jigging raps or other techniques to spots where fish are likely to be work.

    Call Steve W or Brian Brosdahl and they will get you on fish. Both guide the lake often and usually know what is working.

    Nisswa, MN
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    @daveb Based on what I saw I think your description is spot on. Thanks wave

    David Blais
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    Here is a Musky from our 4th of July trip. It was cool to see it just laying there. I didn’t have a rod ready, but I highly doubt I could of convinced him

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    Mike W
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    So who is going to be on cass or kitchi this weekend? Ill be up there on Kitchi and the Rice lakes in my jon boat. Sure hope the panfish are hitting as well as last weekend.

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