Cannon or Scotty Electric riggers?

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    What does everyone have or what is their preference? Both have have great warranty both are reliable. Any other reasons for one over the other?

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    My only input would be my Cannon riggers have been flawless. I haven’t used a Scotty or know someone that has one. I know Cannon are pretty proud of their stuff and not afraid to charge $$$ for them. Maybe Scotty are more. I never looked. One case I could make for Cannon if you have a Humminbird and are looking for the Optimum Cannon’s you can control them with the Humminbird. That would be nice.

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    Both work well, it comes down to a few key decisions IMHO. Both have strong followings and I dont think you can go wrong with either.

    1. The vertical lift arm on Scotty is a nice feature for bringing the ball to you.
    2. Scotty is wider and take up more gunwale realestate being a horizontal spool.
    3. Service locations nearest to you…
    4. auto stop features on both, mechanical vs. electrical

    I run Cannon, repair shop right in Duluth. Ive gotten to know the system well with minor repairs. That said there are things I dont like too.
    Some day I would like to move to Traxstech… but we are several years out on that wish.

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    I’ve owned both Mag 10’s and Scotty HPs (among others).

    Both are great riggers and you can’t go wrong with either. Definitely the top two non-computerized riggers in my opinion.

    The Scotty HPs are insanely powerful and fast, and I like their tip-up boom. The also have a softer stop to them, but I still use snubbers (I mainly run 15lb balls). My only gripe with the Scotty’s is when winter fishing the stop beads can get jammed in the boom roller if it’s building up with ice (doesn’t happen often, but if I’m sending them up and down a bunch in the teens it can)

    The Cannons have a more reliable auto-stop, but they stop harder. I’d definitely recommend using snubbers with them. They don’t tip-up either, but it’s not a deal breaker.

    Unless you plan on fishing deep often (100′-250′ down) and with big balls, the less expensive Mag 10’s will easily suit your needs.

    They can fish deep too, but the performance of the Scotty HPs blows them away, both raising and lowering.

    eyota, mn
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    Thank you!

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