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Can anyone tell me what this would be called and how to find a replacement?

  • Richard S
    Posts: 8

    I am getting ready to launch my boat for the season and need to replace the Humminbird transducer on my boat. It got broken off the mount and ripped from the wire somehow last season.
    I have the replacement transducer and believe I can fish the cable through back to the head unit.

    I have one small missing part stopping me from doing the job!

    I’ll attach a pic of it. When I unscrewed it from the boat, it was brittle from age and broke into several pieces.
    It’s the “cover” or whatever it’s called that goes over the cable as it exits the boat through the transom.

    Please! Advise me on what this is called and where to find another one! It would be tremendously appreciated!!

    PS: The pic is enlarged to show detail, it’s actually a very small part, maybe 1/2 inch wide.

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    John Rasmussen
    Posts: 3209

    Was it just keeping the wire in place to the transom, if so any place that does rigging should have one, boat dealers and such.

    Richard S
    Posts: 8

    Looks like, yes, it held it in place, plus helped, with some silicone added under it, to prevent water intrusion.
    My problem is, I don’t even know what to call it when looking for it!

    Richard S
    Posts: 8

    I was hoping to order it online, I have no boat dealers near me.
    Thank you for any advice on this!

    Lakeville, MN
    Posts: 832

    Did you try looking in the parts list page of the manual for your Hummingbird?

    North Metro
    Posts: 756

    It is a little grommet kit that comes with almost any humminbird transducer mount kit but I am not sure how to buy it individually…

    Posts: 1839

    Humminbird in the parts and accessories section.

    Richard S
    Posts: 8

    Chuck, Looked there, couldn’t find it. If you see it and can provide a link it would be much appreciated!

    member not found
    Posts: 3517

    Google transducer cable cover,tremendous amount of options.

    Perham Mn
    Posts: 228

    If you can’t find one and you still have the pieces, somebody with a 3d printer could make one! I would just make one out of a piece of tin and paint it black. 10 minutes tops!

    Two Harbors, MN
    Posts: 3693

    Marine clam shell

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